Sylvania SRCD212 Retro Portable CD/Radio Boombox - Black

Sylvania SRCD212 Retro Portable CD/Radio Boombox - Black


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 Sylvania SRCD212 Retro Portable CD/Radio Boombox - Black

This is a black Sylvania SRCD212 Retro Portable CD/Radio Boombox.

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The Sylvania Retro Portable CD Player is a CD player that loads CDs from the top. It has a leather carrying handle, an AM/FM radio built in, and an LED screen. This boombox can play CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs. It also has programmable track memory and an aux input where you can plug in your MP3 player, cell phone, or other devices. This portable radio can be used anywhere: on the patio, by the pool, at the beach, or in the kitchen. This old-fashioned Sylvania portable CD Boombox lets you connect your phone to listen to music or put in a CD. It lets you listen to your music in more than one way.

• You can listen to music in many different ways, such as with the CD player, AM/FM radio, or AUX input.

This CD and radio player is great for any and all events because it is easy to carry around.

• Has a leather handle to make carrying it easy and comfortable

• Built-in AM/FM radio

AUX is an input.

• You can use the included AC cord or six "C" batteries to power it (not included)

• The Sylvania Retro Portable CD/Radio Boombox with a detachable AC cord is inside the box.



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